Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A late dinner again last night...

but worth the wait.  After drooling over the chicken Marsala on smitten kitchen ( for the past couple days, last night I decided I could resist no longer.  So after my target stop I hit the grocery store and bought all the stuff needed plus groceries for the week and headed home.  I didn't walk through the door until after 8 so, it is no surprise that I sat down at my computer to eat (I know pathetic, but I had dishes I need to put away on the table and the leaf is still in from the party and well it makes me feel lonely eating at that big of a table by myself).  I am trying to cut the dairy (my stomach says thanks, my taste buds not so much), and omitted the butter and served with some very yummy garlic mash potatoes (made with olive oil and soy milk).  This time the lack of dairy did nothing to harm the dish, in fact I found it very yummy.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy a nice Marsala.  Next time I may make the dish completely vegan (I know crazy right) and sub out the chicken for some fried tofu.  Getting the sauce right without dairy and without the chicken juices will be a little tricky.  The lack of butter in the sauce this time, decreased the richness (though not to a fault), taking out the chicken drippings may require adding something knows.  I will let you, when I figure it out.  Lucky me I have a bottle of Marsala at home waiting to become sauce.  That is all for now folks, eat well and enjoy!

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